Engine builder lube and sealant master kit


This kit is specifically designed to aid in the assembly of vintage Triumph motorcycle engines, but could be used for almost any vintage air cooled engine. Sealants, lubes, and chemicals are tools and can make putting an engine together much easier when used correctly. Your choice of sealant and how it is applied can dramatically affect the outcome of your project for better or worse.

Chemicals also have a shelf life and sadly a lot of vendors pay no attention to this. We date code our products and store them to insure they will work as intended.

This kit is comprised of the best lubricants and sealants available today. We have used these products for years and have put together this convenient package to assist engine builders everywhere.

Contained in this kit is the following:
Hylomar® M 40g
Red Line® assembly lube ½ oz
Threebond® 1184 3.4 oz
Clevite 77® bearing guard 1 ⅓oz
Loctite® 262 0.5ml
P-80® emulsion 10ml
Due to the nature of shipping chemicals, this kit is only available in the USA