Amal Premier 930 Concentric carbs for Triumph Bonneville


Amal Premier 930 carburetors for 650/750 Triumph Bonneville
Franz and Grubb has had great success with the Amal Premier range of concentric carbs since their release. We attribute this to the high quality of manufacture and our extensive knowledge of Triumph engines.

We had these carb pairs built for us to the 1967-1969 Bonneville specifications. They will work on all Triumph Bonnevilles up to 1978 with minor tuning. They are set up from the factory with
190 main jets, #17 pilot jets, 106 needle jets, and #3 slides. The correct fuel banjos (376/139) are installed, and they are equipped with THE 622/097 TOP, WHICH TAKES THE OLD STYLE THROTTLE CABLE, AND THE CHOKE HAS A THREADED ADJUSTER WHICH CAN BE PLUGGED WITH THE 4/137A PLUG IF NO CHOKE IS DESIRED. These are Amal part numbers R930/9 and L930/10 or PACK 104.

All Amal Premier carbs have a CNC machined hard anodized slide, aluminum viton tipped float needle, ethanol resistant StayUp® adjustable float, removable pilot jet, and passivated finish to resist corrosion.

We can change jets, slides, and configure your carb to suit your need at no extra charge, and are at the shop 5 days a week to answer any questions you may have regarding the best initial settings for your application.

Since these are specially built for us, stock is limited. If you can put it in the cart, we have it in stock.
All Amal Premier carburetors are guaranteed for a period of 2 years!

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