Harman & Collins Motorcycle Cams book


Originally published in 1968 by Harman & Collins, How to Cam your engine for maximum performance by James P. Petitti has now been reprinted.
This 98 page book provides a wealth of information on camshaft selection, cam timing, degreeing camshafts, porting, exhaust, and many other aspects of high performance motorcycle engines.

Although written over 40 years ago, Harman & Collins were unmatched in the field of motorcycle camshafts, and most of this information is still relevant today. There are only a limited number of these books available, and original copies are near impossible to find. If you have any interest in vintage motorcycle engines, this is an excellent resource to have.

This book has been republished with the written permission of the author and with all rights to this publication now and in the future. This publication and its contents are the sole property of Lockwood Engineering LLC and any content is not to be reproduced without written permission. Cams not included.

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