Hylomar® M Universal jointing compound


Previously named Racing Formula, Hylomar M uses acetone as a solvent and is tackier than the popular Hylomar Universal Blue.
Can be used to seal cases or covers, seal threads including petcocks, gearboxes, etc…Dress gaskets to assist with gasket alignment during assembly, and for easy removal later. Gaskets dressed with Hylomar can usually be reused as they will not stick to the base metal. Hylomar makes future disassembly of parts very easy since it is non setting. Hylomar M is resistant to petroleum and synthetic oils, fuels, air, and a range of other fluids. Temperature range -58˚F to +482˚F continuous.
Every British bike owner should have a tube in their toolbox.
Available in 40ml, 80ml, and 200ml aerosol.
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