Kibblewhite Triumph 650 750 OEM Valve/Guide Kits


Stainless valve and guide kit
These are OEM style stainless one piece forgings with uncoated stems. These guides are C67410 Manganese bronze, which are able to be sized with a reamer, unlike their harder C630 bronze guides. The guides were developed for easier machining, and still have excellent longevity.

This set consists of 2pc 1.600" intake valves, 2pc 1.440" exhaust valves, and 4pc standard .5010" guides.

If you are building a Triumph 650 or 750 or need to rebuild a head, these are excellent quality parts at a reasonable price. Oversize valves and guides are available for the same price. We ship worldwide and will answer any questions you may have that are not covered in the installation notes.
Intake valve
head diameter 1.600"
Stem diameter 0.3105"
tulip 1.5"R
length 3.850"
Exhaust valve
head diameter 1.440"
Stem diameter 0.3100"
tulip 24ºR
length 3.780"

Intake/Exhaust guide (see above diagram)
A 0.460"
B 0.610"
C 0.840"
D 1.390"
E 0.680"
F 0.3100"

For oversize valve requirements, please use the drop down menu below.